Friday, March 18, 2011

weekdays subject..


1. at last, free time.. so many things to do in so little time..
2. thanx aki, kak lily n family, for bringing me so much sushi n takoyaki.. ^^
3. back Mapling.. who wants to partay?


SynCroW said...

maple story....strategy game about building a successfull kedai i first?...

Apisometres said...

aghhh... u stole my ideaa..

yup.. ure 1st ^^

Pijun said...

awesome as always, dem

Apisometres said...

:D arigatou jun san..

Zid said...

LOL if you like 30 Rock, give Community a spin. Only 2 seasons so far. The 720p does wonders to this series :D

Man, I wish I had the time / speed to do these sort of daily encounters on my blog. Alas, I'm either too busy not drawing when drawing is a full time job. Props to you, man.

hideYUShi nakata said...

wow..dh ramai post..
masing2 nk jd 1st..

keep up the gud word bro.. :D

hideYUShi nakata said... lah!..

kupeh rodriguez said...

biological studies on Thursday Friday's night hahaha...i loike but i doit, with some is better...

Apisometres said...

zid :
thanx man.. its the same with me, it just kills when i have to do freelance animation at home when i just done so much at the office.. but, animators got to eat rite..
its just that i had to made these strip coz im not good with words.. ^^"

Community? that i hav to ask my bro to dl it for me, he's a seeder, im just a leacher.. hehe

tq tq.. i'll try to WORD hard.. haha.. yus, bile nak lepak kat Kubor?

dem yuh.. sbb pun ko keding.. overexercise upanya. haha