Monday, March 14, 2011


last week, our boss decided to treat us all to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. one word : CRAPTASTIC!! it was one of those movies that there were to much flaw in it that you just enjoy neat-picking..

what we see and wonder

1. Why the Chinese talk in English among themselves( with chinese accent)
2."a beast with pirate heart" just doesnt make sense.. it should be the opposite..
3. the falling wooden tower kills all pirates..
4. marcus being fatally wounded, saved by the Chinese and learns double stick kung-fu
5. what the hell's with kesum's hair and taji's tiger headpiece
6. kesum's "awesome" keris making (my mom can hit the lesung harder)
7. Taji's magic.. he can only change weather? oh.. rite, he has prediction magic, awfull style though
8. Kemawas should work-out more.. no muscle la..
9. why taji make human shield out of Merong, isnt he invincible?
10. The Archimedes mirror death ray.. (T_T)

neat-picking, i guess so.. PGL is just way better..

well.. thats just my perspective.. and several others.. ^^"

1. its been awhile since my last update, times just not on my side..
2. sorry guys, xsempat lukis korg semua..


kupeh rodriguez said...

merapu mahawangsa maju...
seen it feel it..regret...

Apisometres said...

there's some good quality though.. like the GOA scenes,,.. and EMBOK's ^^

hideYUShi nakata said...

gua 2nd! ^^

woo ko dh g tgk ke pis..
berape bintang bole bg nih..
adik ipar aku ckp cite nih best..
wajib tonton kt cinema..
klo x besh, aku tunggu donlod jer laa..

Apisometres said...

yup, tgk dh.. aku sarankan ko tgk.. just for fun n giggles.. ^^

Zid said...

Wow and even PGL was kind of sad for me - so many lost potential, ni lagi teruk? Mak aih promosi macam best.

I think our film makers are still stuck with the idea of epic being a long ass movie instead of concentrating on the story and little things that make the movie well, epic.

Apisometres said...

thts true ZID,

comparing PGL n HMM, it clearly shows that numbers doesnt mean anything if the direction sucks..

our film makers cant concentrate on making the movie as a whole, instead they stuck on a certain aspect of the film making.

its true that the CGI was "epic" compared to the 3D cars in.. wats that "lumba haram" muvie.. but, blending the CGI with the muvie itself is essential.

the directing,acting,props,CGI,conti, needs more work.. seems the muvie was too rushed. should take 5 more years before it was released. sure its too lambat.. but better worth the wait.

but the end-credit was cool rite?

LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...

arrg.. ak tak tgk lagi..
demm.. 2 bz wit my asgmt..
plus tempat aku takde cinema..

Apisometres said...

ala.. raya tahun depan musti tyg kat estro nye.. ^^