Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dead Space

Damn! this game is sure some scary shit.. its like they create dis game just to make me pantspooping. haha. Imagine John Carpenter's "The Thing" in "The Aliens" environment,.. the odd controls sure makes it harder.. i can tolerate Resident Evil, Fear, and those zombie first person games.. hmm, it sure takes me back when i played Silent hill on PSX.. Whats your scariest game ever played?


Pijun said...
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Pijun said...

resident evil 3,game yg buat aku lemah jantung,haha start tu... dah tk main game seram...yeah minesweeper jgak yg best.

Apisometres said...

minesweeper utk mereka yg lame aje.. hahaha..

hideYUShi nakata said...

alamak gua 3rd ke? :P

aku tak minat game2 ganas nih..
gua pencinta kedamaian..

Apisometres said...

haha.. xmain game2 ganas konon.. abis tuh, grafxcard yg ko beli ribu2 tu utk main ape.. teng teng?

TheRebelKid/PrmpnDkwtMrh said...

hahaha. kawaii~