Thursday, January 5, 2012


January, it's that time of month again... i wish i can be free, scale the moutains, fighting(running) golems and such.. instead i'm still here, withering like an old dog.. barking away neighbours and relatives. wait, i can leave this place. tonight the Shirefolk are gathering this huge party, and they'll expect me to give a grand speech. huh, i'll give them a speech, a grand spectacle. it'll be the start of my new adventure,. but not alone this time, there will be a companion, someone dear, my friend, my lover.. my PRECIOUS..

p/s : truthfully, i dunno wat to say.. i just hope for the best this year... (^^)

how was your new year?


kupeh rodriguez said...

superb la..nti wat muvi night!!
lpk2 lukes2..kutuk2!!hahahaa
happy 2012!!

ayunda maajis said...

my new year? atas katil..demam..hurmm..

Obi Yus Kenobi said...

selamat hari tua apis!!...moga dapat jodoh cepat..ade jugak nt org tolong jaga ko yer..amin..hehehe

Super Nia Hana said...

happy birthday!
moga cepat kawen ini tahun

Apisometres said...

kupehs : hahaha.. movie night nnt musti ade pizza, selaku jake.. ko kena bawak rainacorn.. hehehe

ayunda : ciannye.. tu tandanya suh start 2012 dgn slow.. then baru pecut.. ^^

obiyus: hahaha.. ko xnak jaga aku ke yus? hehe

nia : hehe, tq.. InsyaAllah.. ^o^

Azie~ said...

hepi birthday apis! sori lambat wish.. hehe

Apisometres said...

tq Azie-chan... ^^

Haris Khairuddin said...

forever alone.. or not?
ceh. buat alasan je kojenye... huhu. ;p