Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a day of cars.. and babes..

Last sunday, an ol U colleague invited me to KLmotosho.. wasnt rly a big fan of cars.. but heck, nvr been to one, might as well see wut the fuss is all about.. (i was sponsored for tickets, meal n tranportation~thanx hazreen, murah rejeki ko!)


LadyRye said...

hehe..semua orang blogging bab ni bukan highlight bab kete pun..bab babes yang lebeyh..

Apisometres said...

kete leh tgk kat dlm top gear.. bukan selalu dpt tgk babes posing for we all.. hehe..

Hanie said...

booth babes = seriously penarik pengunjung paling berkesan. tgk jer mana2 convention comic heheh.